Family Life Academy Charter School I


Vote for FLACS I & MS


Vote for Laptop Carts for FLACS I & FLACS MS

What does that mean?
If you are a resident of District 16 that includes Claremont, Concourse, Concourse Village, Highbridge, Morris Heights, Mount Eden, & Morrisania, you can decide how $1 Million will be spent in YOUR community.

There are 8 categories that will be on the ballot for you to vote on and FLACS I and FLACS MS is one of the categories (item number 1 to be exact)

Vote for "Laptop Carts for FLACS I and FLACS MS" and help us gain funding by voting!

Requirements to vote?
  • Be a resident of the district
  • Be 11 years old or older
Yes, it is that simple. You can stop by any of the permanent voting sites during the week and you can cast your ballot for the projects you believe deserve $1 Million in funding. For a list of the permanent vote sites and their hours of operation, click here. Or you can vote directly online by clicking on the "Vote Online" button.

Vote Online