Family Life Academy Charter School I


Spring is Here!!

Culinarily speaking as a chef, this is a very exciting time of year. Spring may just be my favorite season.  I'm always astounded at how the colors of seasonal produce reflect the colors we associate with that season.  In the summer, we have the bright colors like red tomatoes and peppers and yellow corn.  In autumn the colors of food begin to dim with apples and pears of different shades and winter squash grows in hues of orange and brown.  Spring is all about the color green.  Just like the colors of the leaves returning to the trees, the farmer's market is going to become lush with peas, asparagus, sugar snap peas and arugula.  We are also fortunate to live in a region that grows these veggies in abundance.  While it is still a bit early for spring produce to flood our markets, rest assure I'll be on the lookout hoping to share the seasons bounty with our FLACS scholars in an effort to nourish and educate!
Chef Bennett