Family Life Academy Charter School I


And the Beet Goes On!

You will see that they are actually baby beets!  Class 121 planted beet seeds about a month ago and they grew so well we had to thin the bed out to allow for some of the other beets to grow on to full size. We’ll display them today as our own edible arrangement and serve them up for lunch tomorrow.
Yesterday we had 7th graders harvest lettuce. We will be serving said lettuce in the salad bar today for lunch. It’s amazing how different freshly picked lettuce tastes and feels from the lettuce we generally find in supermarkets and grocery stores. It is so tender and packed with big flavor.
After today there are only 15 days left of school…which is shocking considering how much will be occurring over that time. With that said, below are a few key dates to mark in your calendar!
  • June 8th - Middle School BBQ on our rooftop garden
  • June 11th - Parent/Student Cooking Class (inquire w/in your school's admin. to RSVP)
  • June 13th - Cooking Club Graduation (13th group of students to complete the program!)
  • June 20th - Cooking Club field trip to the International Culinary Center

Crazy how time flies….

And the 'beet' goes on, the 'beet' goes on
Drums keep pounding
A rhythm to the brain
La de da de de, la de da de da