Family Life Academy Charter School I


FLACS I's 5th Annual "Dads Take Your Child to School Day" breakfast!

Well that might have been our biggest breakfast to date! My unofficial count had us at over 300 people served. Thank goodness for our incredible Food Services staff who not only stayed late last night to prep the food but even arrived early this morning to make sure there would be enough food prepared for everyone.

While the kitchen staff was preparing all the food, we had parent and staff volunteers helping to set up, serve and clean up. I must thank Ms. Mariel, who without her the event would not even take place at our school nor would it be "FLACS' 5th Annual Dads Take Your Child to School Day"

Now onto the guests of honor...the important men of our students' lives. Whether you are a father, uncle, brother, grandfather or the male caregiver your involvement in your child's life is of great importance to them and to the school. It shows in our students and is associated to their success in academics, behavior, and social skills. We really want to make sure all our "Dads" know how important they are...but we are pretty sure they already know that! To see more on how the morning went click here for photos and check out our Facebook and Twitter pages to see a video.

Until next year daddy-o's!