Family Life Academy Charter School I


October was National Anti-bullying Prevention Month

Here at FLACS, we recognize that bullying can be a form of traumatic stress that can affect how our students function at school, at home, and in the community. 

“How Full Is Your Bucket”? by Tom Rath  (Author), Mary Reckmeyer (Author), Maurie J. Manning (Illustrator) encourages positive behavior and teaches children that showing kindness, respect, and appreciation really makes a difference. A Bucket filler is someone who says or does nice things for other people. By doing this, they are filling other people's buckets and filling their own bucket at the same time. On the other hand, a bucket dipper (bully) says or does things to cause other people to feel bad. A bucket dipper (bully) empties their bucket when they say and do mean things.

These lessons promote an awareness of bullying and explore ways to prevent it. FLACS scholars are encouraged to fill the buckets by writing kind words, drawing pictures and compliments to each other. At the end of every week, classes will empty the “buckets “and read the nice things our friends left for us when they filled our buckets. We feel we will decrease bullying and unkind words or actions. 

The ultimate goal is to spread kindness in lower grades and positively reinforce kind behaviors.

Kindness Acceptance and Inclusion.

Contributed by Ms. Jisell Sanchez, Guidance Counselor