Family Life Academy Charter School I


Ready, Set, SPIKE!


We are the FLACS Falcons!

The FLACS Falcons played their last volleyball game of the season on December 1, 2016. Their record for the year was 8 wins and 3 loses, including the playoffs. FLACS I's volleyball program has been in existence for two years now; and the girls have been developing their skills quite well. This year the FLACS Falcons made it all the way to the semi-finals, making them FLACS' first all-girls volleyball team to make it to the finals. We are extremely proud!

Each year, the team is different in its own unique way. We will remember this team not only for their skills on the court but for the amount of hard work, dedication, and unrelenting effort they showed all season long. Thank you for an incredible season. WE ARE THE FLACS FALCONS!
~ contributed by Mr. Wyman, Coach
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