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It's NOT Sushi...

What in the world is Kimbap? The better question is, what part of the world is Kimbap from? Let me help you out with a few hints. It’s from a country in East Asia, it’s bordered by China, and separated into two states. You guessed it…it’s from Korea!

Kimbap is a Korean dish comprised of steamed white rice called ‘bap’ and other ingredients rolled into seaweed. The Korean term for seaweed is ‘kim.’ Get it Kim-bap!? Seaweed rice! We used canned tuna, cooked beef, and made our own spicy tuna using Gochujang hot pepper paste. This Korean chili paste is great and is going to be the next big thing; you just wait and see! Move over Sirracha!

Other ingredients included were eggs, carrots, spinach, pickled daikon radish, and pickled burdock. Each student received their own rolling Kimbap or bamboo roller to help pack the ingredients tightly into a roll form. But enough talk…check out the photos from last week’s cooking club class here to see how they rolled.

and remember…it’s NOT sushi it’s KIMBAP!

Want to see a quick clip of a cooking club student cutting a Kimbap roll like a pro? Check out our instagram page @flacscafe and don't forget to follow us!