Family Life Academy Charter School I


Mardi Gras at the FLACS Café

Last Tuesday was Fat Tuesday also known as Mardi Gras. It is called Fat Tuesday because it is meant to be a day of excess in contrast to the day that follows, “Ash Wednesday” which marks the beginning of the Lenten season. Mardi Gras is celebrated around the world and here in the US, New Orleans is the home to the celebration. In honor of the event, we served one of our most popular dishes from the region, Cajun Catfish with Collard Greens, Red Bean Soup and Brown Rice. Cajun catfish is typical of New Orleans cuisine and has now become a new addition to our Cooking Club syllabus. I introduced it to Cooking Club this year and although we had some skeptics we won most over.

On thursday we also made a dish that was a first for the school. In continuation of our Mardi Gras celebration and Cajun cuisine we prepared 'Chicken and Turkey Sausage Gumbo.' The recipe starts with a roux which is the result of cooking flour and fat (we use olive oil) over a period of time until it turns into the desired color and flavor, check out the video below.  In Cajun cuisine, a darker roux (brick red for our purpose) is the foundation for many of their traditional dishes. To see the final results of our roux, you are going to have to head over to @flacscafe (Don't forget to follow us too!)