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Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. visits FLACS


The Bronx Borough President visits FLACS

On Wednesday March 8th, class 321 met with Ruben Diaz Jr. He is the current President of the Borough of the Bronx since 2009 and previously served in the New York State Assembly. The children were very excited to meet him and express their concerns about their community. They were interested in how he represents our borough of the Bronx and what exactly his job entails. Mr. Diaz Jr. was very enthusiastic with the children and not only answered their questions; he also explained to them why he felt his job was so important. He was informative yet charismatic and we can't wait for him to visit us again.

~ contributed by Ms. Negron

Ruben Diaz Jr. with Class 321
Ruben Diaz Jr. meeting with our Student Government Association
Mr. Diaz Jr also joined our Student Government Association during their advisory meeting. They discussed what it means to be a leader as well as the difficulties that may arise among constituents when it comes to working together to affect change. Below is a short clip of our student government members' answers to what they feel are the qualities needed to be a leader.
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