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FLACS Co-ed Soccer Team



The FLACS Falcons Co-ed Soccer team has been picked! Try-outs were had before the mid winter break and we thank all the students for their courage to try-out. We know it is not easy to perform athletically in front of your peers for a competitive spot on a team that in itself is a commendable feat.

Practices will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-5 pm after school. This year the FLACS Falcons co-ed soccer team looks forward to defending their title as Champions this upcoming 2017 season. 

Our first game will be on April 24th against Equality Charter School at Macombs Dam Park East 161st Street. Come by and cheer us on! If you can't make it there will be plenty more just subscribe below for details. ~ contributed by Mr. Wyman, Coach
Subscribe to the Athletics calendar to stay updated throughout the school year on upcoming games. Come cheer us on!
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