Family Life Academy Charter School I


Social Media Friends in the Kitchen!

I suppose this is an argument for the generations that have come after mine as I can  say that these social media outlets did not exist when I was growing up.  However, I do exist on Instagram as @flacscafe where, in case you don’t have IG or are not following us, we post various images of the work that the FLACS Café encompasses. 

Through this account we have been able to make many connections in this country and a few international ones with people and companies that have a shared interest in healthy school food and lifestyles.  Instagram has become an invaluable networking tool for the FLACS Café and the benefits are reflected in today’s smoothie.  One of our followers is @gotgreendrinks, a boutique juice company based out of California.  After commenting on one of her posts she offered me the recipe for today’s Pineapple, Apple and Turmeric Smoothie. We posted an Instagram Story about it. If you don't follow us well you missed it! I suggest you follow us now so that doesn't happen again. Just say'en ;) just click here