Family Life Academy Charter School I


Today's Menu: Meatless Monday

When the question is, "What's for dinner?"  the first response is usually beef, chicken or I right? I remember when I was in culinary school I went to a cooking demonstration by David Chang, Executive Chef of his Momofuku empire.  He spoke about finding great produce and then designing a dish around that, including the protein.  That idea has stuck with me ever since and I try to stick to that philosophy as often as I can.
I bring this up because it's Monday which means you will find no no meat anywhere in our menu today.  We have stuck to the "Meatless Monday" mantra for a few years now and it has certainly been a challenge.  I mean, its a lot easier to get enthusiasm from the students (and staff) over some chicken or beef than it is from beans.  But that is what we are here for and will continue to look for vegetarian dishes where you won't even realize there's no meat.  I thought the Egg and Tofu Fried Rice did a good job of that last week.
And today is one of our meatless staples, Baked Potato Bar.  The protein is our veggie chili which uses the same chile paste as a foundation as our Texas Beef Chili last week.  As always, we'll have Baked Potatoes, Broccoli w/ Shallots and Crackers as well as sour cream and cheddar cheese for you to dress your meal up.  It's a veggie packed menu that is healthy and sure to satisfy.