Family Life Academy Charter School I


A Rhyme by Chef Bennett & the FLACS Cafe Funky Bunch

Hmmm, should I make the whole post rhyme? That’s a lot of work and I don’t really have the time...buuuuuuuuut:
The aromas in the kitchen this morning are really quite divine.  If it’s any indication of how lunch will taste then that’s a really good sign.
With choices like Cajun Catfish, Brown Rice and Red Bean Soup nobody should feel at a loss.  But as we know by now this menu is all about the sauce.
Remoulade has its origins from the city of New’s meant to dip your fish but try mixing it with your beans!!
It’s a classic FLACS Cafe lunch so come on down and grab a seat and as always there’s the salad bar with plenty of fresh fruit and veg for you to eat!
We’ll see you at lunch,
Chef Bennett and FLACS Cafe Funky Bunch
Interested in learning how to make Cajun Catfish? It was featured as one of our Recipe of the Month last year. Click here for the recipe.