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Today, February 27th, is Dominican Independence Day

A brief history....the Dominican Republic shares an island, and a complicated past, with Haiti.  The Haitian Revolution in which Haiti gained their independence from French colonial rule ended in 1804.  In 1822 the Haitians invaded and occupied the Dominican Republic (then known as the Republic of Spanish Haiti), an occupation that lasted 22 years.  The Haitian government became increasingly unpopular and the Dominican Revolution began in 1844.  Battles between the Haitian and Dominican lasted for 12 years with the Dominicans victorious in almost every battle.  However, the official recognized as when the Dominican Republic gained their independence in February 27th, 1844.
So in celebration, Maria and Diego have collaborated to create a special yet typical Dominican celebration menu.  For the entree we are serving Pollo Guisado.  Chicken thighs were marinated in garlic and lemon, roasted in the oven and are being braised in chicken stock with LOTS of sofrito.  This will be served over Arroz Blanco with sides of Habichuela Guisado (a soup/stew of pinto beans) and Platanos Maduros.  If you come for lunch during middle school we will also have some Rabo Guisado (Stewed Oxtails) on offer, a specialty of Diego's.  Check it all out under Highlights @flacscafe
We'll see you at lunch!

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